Managing Crisis with a Low Code Digital Automation Platform


Holding a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Savitribai Phule Pune University, Virender has been associated with Newgen for about 26 years and manages the overall strategic and operational responsibility of the entire portfolio.

In the current situation, most of us are working from home, collaborating with our colleagues online, and serving customers digitally. Digital has emerged as the true hero of this story, supporting countless businesses in conducting their operations online.

But, is just ‘being digital’ enough?
To answer this, consider these questions:

•Are you able to shift to a remote working environment quickly?
•Is your IT team able to set up guardrails and ensure compliance while your teams are operating remotely?
•Is your HR department able to formulate standard operating procedures on-the-go?
•Are you able to engage your customers and business partners with seamless information and services?

In the current situation, there is looming pressure and uncertainty, emphasizing the need for well-planned actions in business。

Low Code – The Real Game Changer

The sense of urgency to respond to the current situation is unprecedented. Businesses must act fast and ensure:

•Collaboration and communication, regardless of locations and channels
•Remote access to documents and information
•Use of artificial intelligence and bots, ensuring reduced dependency on people

Low code is the answer. A digital automation platform with low code capability can achieve all of these goals by catering to enterprise-wide business requirements and enabling rapid application development.

A low code digital automation platform can help your business thrive in unforeseen circumstances by:

Empowering employees - Business users cannot wait for full-fledged, pro-grade programming for creating applications to start working. Implementing a low code platform reduces IT dependency and empowers your business users to take control, develop and deploy applications, and get to work!